Off-Grid Solutions

providing reliable and efficient energy in the most remote locations. For those who seek independence from traditional power grids

Pure energy independence for real lifestyle choice

The Freedom of Living Remote

We specialize in custom solar solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. From the bustling cityscape to the serene countryside, our bespoke designs ensure that location is no barrier to your solar aspirations.

From urban rooftops to rural expanses, we’ve engineered systems that demonstrate our commitment to custom solar solutions.

Engineering Matters

We take off grid solar seriously, using a full engineering process to design to your exact needs and budget.

Smooth installation

In remote and off grid contexts we’re extra diligent to ensure there are no costly false starts and refits.

Fully backed up

From full product warranties from commercially credible suppliers, to fully guaranteed installation and support.

engineering and design, to remote or hard to reach locations

Tailored for Remote Resilience

We specialise in crafting off-grid solutions that offer not just energy independence, but complete peace of mind. Our systems are designed to be efficient, clean, and robust, optimised for the unique challenges of remote living.

Off-Grid Projects

Independence in Action

Step Into Sustainable Autonomy

Embrace the resilience and self-sufficiency of off-grid living with Australia Wide Solar. Our expertise in remote energy solutions means you can confidently step away from the grid.

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