Whats the best orientation for your solar panels – North, East or West?

Whats the best orientation for your solar panels – North, East or West?

While an unshaded ‘North Facing Solar Panels’ may make you more Power per Hour (KWH). Australia Wide Solar encourage you to consider why a split array may be a better option for you.

Eastern Considerations

Most households prepare to leave the house for school or work in the mornings and then are out for most of the day. This is where having some East facing solar panels will help generate more power in the mornings.

Western Considrations

Most households use more power in the afternoon and power can be expensive in the afternoon – This is where West facing solar panels can provide more power to match your afternoon power requirements.

Northern Considerations

If you are the type of households that generally uses power through the day or if you are aslo investing in a battery that will store unused energy, ready for use when you most need it, then in most cases a North facing system could be right for you.

What this means is that having all your solar panels facing North may not be the right option for you. A number of factors need to be considered when designing a system that takes care of your specific requirements.

So, if your system has been installed by us, or you are looking to generate more power from your roof. You can be confident that we have already looked at all the considerations to help get the best result out of your solar experience and most importantly, save you money.

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