SMA Solar Storage

SMA Solar Storage

Why should you consider installing solar storage?


Winter is well and truly in swing – that means our heaters are running like crazy, and our electricity bills can double in size. Help your customers gain energy independence and take back control of their electricity costs with SMA Energy Systems.  Read on to find out why you should consider installing SMA’s AC-coupled storage solution.



Retrofit market


In 2019, 2.3 million Australian homes have installed solar, but only 1 in 13 (8%) have battery systems. That means most Solar system owners (at least 2.1 million!) are not using solar power in the most efficient way. Instead of automatically fed back into the grid when not being used with a neglectable FiT, excess solar power has the potential to be charging up batteries so it can be stored and used when it’s most needed, family time in the evenings, allowing you to buy much less electricity overall from the grid.



Why AC-Coupling


With nearly 40 years’ technological expertise, SMA strives to produce the best technical solutions in solar across all applications. That is why SMA offers an AC-Coupled storage solution, which is Retrofittable, Flexible, Scalable and allows for increased loads – making it truly customer centric.

  • Retrofittable: Every solar system is AC-Coupled Storage ready
  • Scalable: Don’t pay for more than you need
  • Increased Loads: Draw from solar and battery systems at the same time to meet your increasing energy needs
  • Flexible: Install your solar and battery systems where you want it


Sunny Boy Storage 5.0



Versatile solution: Compatible batteries


Our inverters are compatible with different batteries from leading manufacturers such as LG Chem and BYD. We are also proud to announce that the latest generation of BYD batteries, the Battery-Box Premium HVM series are now fully compatible with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.7 / 5.0 / 6.0 battery Inverters with integrated secure supply and the optional backup solution.
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