Optimum Solar Orientation – How it affects solar panels

Optimum Solar Orientation – How it affects solar panels

We often are asked “What angle is best for solar panels?”

As an engineering focused Solar installation company the answer is: ‘North facing panels will usually give the greatest energy output’. HOWEVER that may not be the right solution for you. Its often the case that facing WEST will is best financially, even though this will reduce your solar system’s total annual energy output by about 15 per cent. WEST may be best, producing more energy in the afternoon when energy is more expensive and more likely needed. We aim to find the right solution to match your ‘Energy Needs’, ‘Roof’ & ‘Energy Retailer’ in order to deliver you the best outcomes.

Most Australian homes have a roof pitch of 20° to 30° which is considered optimum for maximizing solar power generation. A minimum tilt of 10° is recommended to ensure self-cleaning by rainfall.

If your roof’s slope is not ideal, contact Australia Wide Solar and we will advise you on the best orientation and elevation of your panel.

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