Australia Wide Solar responds to Covid19

Australia Wide Solar responds to Covid19

Here at Australia Wide Solar we are working hard to be safe during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and monitor the possibility of prolonged quarantine and mitigation responses that will impact the way Australia Wide Solar performs its business practice.

Australia Wide Solar has introduced a set of work practices to meet and exceed the State government guidelines.

  • In The Office:
    • Split teams with 1 working remote and the other in the office. We alternate work-place through the week with no cross over.
    • Moved work-stations so we respect the social distancing measures (1 person per 4 sq metre)
    • Regular workstation wipe down with sanitisers
    • No sharing of kitchen and immediate HOT water washing up after use
    • No lunch sharing or team functions for now.
    • Limited number of staff and customers allowed to the office respecting the social distancing measures.


  • Virtual quoting
    • We have introduced a new system where we can do virtual site inspections when required. From time to time a site visit may be required.
      • Where we complete a site visit or handover our team are instructed to follow the social distancing measures.
    • The team are all able to work remotely with tools that allow video conferencing or even a simple phone call.
    • As always, we are here to answer your questions.


  • On The Road
    • 1 person per Vehicle
    • All vehicles carry sanitiser
    • We will continue site inspections (Can be virtual)
    • Installations will require the team on site of course.
      • No body contact. In particular not shaking hands.
      • Greet the team at the door, but remain a safe distance as per the ‘social distance’ guidelines.
      • Upon completion of the job, we use electronic payment options such as credit card, direct debit.
      • Our team are great at what they do, so let them do their job and minimise the time you both share together. You can test the result when the job’s completed.

Its fair to say we now need to be on HIGH alert for Covid-19 and follow our action plan. While this is stricter than government guidelines, we have put this in place for yours, your family’s and our staffs benefit.

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